Best Entry Doors (Complete 2018 Buyer’s Guide)

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Best Entry Doors: What To Know

The best entry doors are ones that don’t just improve your home’s aesthetics but also increase its value, marketability and energy efficiency, too.

But honing in on those doors – the perfect ones for safeguarding your investment, your family, and your curb appeal – is harder than it looks. After all, there are millions of doors to choose from. How do you find the right brand or settle on a material? How can you choose the proper color and style?

This guide breaks it down. From the technical specs you need to get started down to the best entry doors for energy efficiency, we walk you through it all step by step.

Getting Started With Your New Entry Door

Your front door can make or break your home. It influences your property value, the home’s overall aesthetic, its energy efficiency and cooling power, and, of course, its marketability when it comes time to sell.

Needless to say, it’s pretty important. So picking out that door and buying it? That needs to be done carefully and thoughtfully.

Before heading to the store to browse and buy a potential new entry door, you will want to do a few things:

  1. Determine if you need a left- or right-hand door. Stand in the doorway facing the front yard. Is the lock on the right or left? If the lock is on the left side, you have a left-hand door, and vice versa if the lock is on the right side.
  2. Measure the door jamb. Use a tape measure to get the height and width of your door jamb, from one inside edge to the other. Add about a half-inch to both measurements, and jot them to bring to the store or your contractor.
  3. Look for any damage. If there’s damage to the frame or jamb, you may need to replace more than just the door itself. See if there are any signs of wood rotting, splitting or bowing, and be sure to check that your existing door opens and closes easily. If it doesn’t, your frame is likely off and will need to be fixed before a new door can be put in. You will also want to check the weather stripping to be sure it’s in good condition.

A quick protip before getting started:

You should also be careful to check with both your city and your homeowner’s association (if you have one) before you get too far into the projects. Cities often require permits for work done on front doors, and your HOA may have rules regarding color, style, and other details. Violating either of these regulations could result in serious fines – so be proactive in your approach.

The Best Entry Door Materials

When it comes to front door materials, the options are endless – and each choice comes with different pros, cons and looks.

Most popular door materials:

  • Wood
  • Wood-veneer
  • Steel
  • Fiberglass
  • Aluminum


Wood is the most common material when it comes to entry doors, likely due to their versatility. You can choose from all sorts of stains, wood types and grains, and each one offers a unique look and feel. Popular choices are oak, mahogany, walnut and fir. Wood doors can also be painted or, to save money, combined with a veneer coating to lower the cost.

All in all, wood doors are:

  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Customizable
  • Classic
  • High quality

Some drawbacks of wood doors are:

  • Can rot or warp
  • High maintenance
  • Expensive (for solid wood models)
  • Best in a protected or shaded area
  • May need re-staining or touch-up paint


For security-concerned homeowners, steel entry doors are your best bet. Steel doors are strong, durable and resistant to damage and warping. You can fix any dents or dings just like you would your car hood!

Some advantages to steel front doors include:

  • Durable
  • Low cost
  • Damage resistant
  • Secure
  • Low maintenance

Here are a few cons of steel doors:

  • Easily dented (though the dents can be fixed)
  • Vulnerable to rusting and corrosion
  • Hot when placed in direct sunlight
  • May peel in heat


Fiberglass front doors give you the look of wood with less maintenance and more durability. They are great for places with harsh weather or lots of humidity, and they can be textured and stained to look just like real wood – without the risk of warped or rotting.

Fiberglass doors offer these pros:

  • Weather resistant
  • Wood-like
  • Low maintenance
  • Long-lasting
  • Energy efficient

Fiberglass doors come with these drawbacks:

  • Prone to breakage in extreme cold
  • Might need period re-sealing
  • Expensive


Aluminum entry doors are a little different than other options because they have to be custom-built for every opening. They have a thick insulated cover coated with an aluminum outer skin and a baked-on enamel finish. That means no touch-up painting necessary and no rusting – ever.

Benefits of aluminum doors include:

  • Fully customizable
  • Long lasting
  • Durable

Disadvantages of aluminum front doors include:

  • Slightly expensive
  • Vulnerable to denting

Customizing Your Door

Material is only part of the equation when choosing a door. Regardless of whether you opt for a wood, fiberglass, steel or aluminum one, you can always make edits to customize and personalize your entry door to fit your home and needs best.

Generally, you can customize your new front door’s:

  • Paneling
  • Window and glass panes
  • Hardware
  • Fixtures
  • Paint colors
  • Stains
  • Protective coatings

You may also opt to add an artistic element, like stained glass, a brass kick plate or a decorative storm door. These can all enhance the curb appeal of your home, while also adding privacy and security as well.

Choosing an Energy Efficient Front Door

Different types of doors have different levels of energy efficiency, too. That means some come with higher utility bills, make your home harder to cool and increase your environmental footprint. Others, conversely, can cool your home more quickly, lower your energy bills and reduce your impact on the world at large. A more energy efficient door can also improve your home’s marketability to potential buyers when you are ready to sell.

The best doors for energy efficiency have:

  • A high R-Value, which measures the door’s thermal resistance
  • Certification from the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC)
  • ENERGY STAR qualifications
  • A U-factor
  • A solar heat gain coefficient
  • An E glazing system
  • A tight fit in your door frame
  • Lots of insulation

Fiberglass doors offer the best insulation of all entry door materials, so they are significantly more energy efficient than other options on the market. Highly energy efficient doors should also:

  • Block out wind and light, as this indicates a snug fit
  • Have well-maintained weather stripping
  • Have a tight door sill and sweep
  • Remain steady in temperature, despite outside weather conditions
  • Open and close easily, even on hot, rainy or humid days

The number of windows and glass panes on a door can also impact its energy efficiency, as well as the type of insulation in its core.

A tip from our door contractors:

If energy bill savings and a lower environmental footprint weren’t enough impetus to install an energy efficient door, various tax incentive and credits should be. Some credits will even pay for a portion of your replacement door, so the project basically pays for itself – and then some.

Don’t Forget the Hardware

The hardware you choose will also influence the overall look and security of your new entry door. From knobs and handles to locks, kick plates and lock plates, there are dozens of different hardware options you can choose from. You can even install address numbers of your door for added effect.

Generally, you can opt for hardware like:

  • Brass
  • Nickel
  • Gold
  • Chrome
  • Painted enamel
  • Brushed satin

You should also consider the number of locks, the types of locks and the types of handles you’d like on your door. These will all impact the level of security the door offers you, as well as how well it will prevent potential break-ins.

Consult a Professional

There’s a lot that goes into choosing the right front door – and installing it. For this reason, most homeowners are best served by calling in a professional contractor for the job. Though you can certainly DIY a new front door installation, using a pro can allow you to:

  • Get expert advice on door styles, types, and energy efficiency levels
  • Have someone to manage the permitting process if your city requires it
  • Ensure your door is installed safely, securely and snugly
  • Prevent any issue from delaying or derailing your project

Professional door contractors may also have access to unique product selections, and they may be able to help you better customize your chosen door to your exact aesthetic and tastes. If you decide to use a pro for your new entry door installation, always look at their portfolio before moving forward, and ask for a consultation first before signing a contract.

Look at More than Just the Price Tag

It’s important to remember that your door is a long-term investment. It can impact both your energy bills and the returns you get on your home down the line, so try to pay attention to more than just a door’s price tag. Energy efficiency, style, security, and durability should all play an important role in the door you choose, in addition to your overall budget.

Critical things to consider before buying:

  • How long you will be in the home
  • The safety of your loved ones and belongings on the property
  • Your weather conditions and local climate
  • Your overall aesthetics and tastes
  • How often the door will be used
  • Any pests or pets that might come in contact with the door
  • HOA rules and regulations
  • City permitting policies

Your door is one of the most used mechanisms on your property, so take your time choosing the right one and consult a professional if necessary. Making the right decision will pay big dividends in the long term.

Learn More About the Best Entry Doors for Your Home

Do you want to learn more about front doors or see get recommendations for the best entry doors for your specific home? Then get in touch with JSB Home Solutions. We have been in the Columbus, Ohio, home remodeling business for more than four decades now, and our door contractors are here to help. See our portfolio of past entry door projects now, or contact us to schedule a phone or in-person consultation.

You can also stop by our 1,900 square foot showroom to see some of our front entry door options for yourself or get inspiration for your home project. Whether you are looking to just re-do your front stoop or you are looking at an all-over renovation, we have the products and materials you need to get started.

Pergola Installation Columbus, OH

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Pergola installation is becoming a hot home remodeling trend with Columbus area property owners. Not only do pergolas add a luxurious, almost exotic aesthetic element to a home, but they also add comfort, convenience and value, too.

What is a Pergola?

A pergola is a sort of archway or covering. Typically used to shade a patio, deck or garden, they boast a lattice-like ceiling and are supported by vertical beams. Pergolas are almost exclusively made from wood, and they also often contain seating, such as wood benches or hanging swings.

They can be freestanding or attached to an existing structure, like a fence, wall or home, and many homeowners like to hang plants, flowers, string lights or other décor from pergola ceilings and latticework. They offer both decorative and practical benefits.

Benefits of Pergola Installation

The most significant benefit of pergola installation is the beautification of the property. Pergolas add an elegant air to a home’s aesthetic, and when installed properly and by an expert contractor, they can even improve the marketability of a property when it comes times to sell.

Some other benefits that homeowners can enjoy from pergola installation include:

  • Landscaping assistance – With their tall beams and lattice-work ceilings, pergolas are ideal for climbing flowers, vines and ivy. Many homeowners even use them to grow grape vines. Pergola beams are also easily enhanced with potted plants, hanging flower baskets and other eye-catching flora.
  • Improved property value – Pergola installation offers an affordable way to improve a home’s profitability without too much time, hassle or financial investment. They beautify outdoor spaces and make a home more enticing to potential buyers and investors down the road.
  • More defined spaces – Pergolas are a good way to establish specific areas or spaces within the yard, such as an outdoor dining area, a patio or even a designated hot tub spot. They break up the yard and make it seem larger and more accommodating.
  • Added convenience and comfort in outdoor areas – Pergolas also provide shade, helping shield homeowners and guests from harmful UV rays and making outdoor experiences more comfortable on the whole.

Low maintenance and affordable, pergolas are a great way to enhance an already beautiful properly in a small, low-cost and high-impact way. They’re ideal for homeowners looking to make a big splash without a huge financial investment.

Why are Columbus, OH Homeowners Choosing Pergola Installation?

Many Columbus, OH, homeowners are opting for pergola installation to get more use from their outdoor spaces. Though winter is often off-limits for any outdoor time, without the shade of an awning or pergola, summer isn’t much better, exposing homeowners to potential sunburns, heat exhaustion and more. Pergolas enhance a home’s outdoor experience and allow homeowners to get more out of their yard in the warm months when they want it most.

Pergolas are also popular in Columbus as hot tub covers. In the chilly fall and winter seasons, hot tubs offer Ohio homeowners a great way to relax and warm up. A pergola can help block brisk winds, bugs and other nuisances from interrupting such R&R time.

Learn More About Pergola Installation From Our Experts

Do you want to discover what pergola installation could mean for your home’s look or property value? Then stop by our Columbus, OH, showroom today. Check out one of our pergolas for yourself, discuss your aesthetic goals and budget with one of our designers, or just browse our almost 2,000 square feet of home design inspiration. Are you ready to get started right away? Contact us now to talk to a JSB team member and we’ll get the ball rolling.

3 Season Sunroom Remodeling in Columbus

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The 3 season sunroom (also called a 3 season porch) is one of the most popular types of sunrooms around – particularly here in Columbus, OH. Offering homeowners extended enjoyment of the great outdoors, even when the weather turns cold, sunrooms are a popular way to add value and convenience to an existing property.

What is a 3 Season Sunroom?

A 3 season sunroom is a convenient and affordable home addition that increases living space and usability of a property. Built onto an existing home or structure, it offers protection from bugs, wind, rain and UV rays and allows owners to enjoy the great outdoors even in adverse conditions. It is often referred to as a 3 season porch or 3 season room.

Benefits of a 3 Season Sunroom

The biggest benefit of a 3 season sunroom is the added space it affords a homeowner. The sunroom can be used for storage, entertainment, dining or even just a quiet place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. It can be even be used as a guest room during temperate times of the year.

Some other benefits of a 3 season sunroom include:

  • They offer added visibility of landscaping and surrounding views – Fully enclosed by glass, 3 season sunrooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows ideal for scenic or panoramic views.
  • They extend the homeowner’s enjoyment of the outdoors – Though 3 season sunrooms aren’t ideal for freezing conditions, they do allow homeowners to experience the great outdoors further into the year than they could without. Sit back and enjoy the views in early spring, late fall or even in a rainstorm.
  • They’re fully customizable in design – The 3 season sunroom can be fully customized to match the existing structure. Choose from a variety of roofing, class and framing options to ensure a cohesive look throughout the home.
  • They’re affordable and low cost to install– Compared to other home additions, the 3 season sunroom is an extremely affordable way to add convenience and comfort to a property. They don’t require any expensive or high-tech elements like insulation, heating, plumbing, air conditioning, foundation or footers, making them very low cost to install.

The 3 season sunrooms can be simple and economic, designed just to add living space or extra usability, or homeowners may choose to go more decorative with their sunroom, adding upgrades construction materials and elements to increase the room’s aesthetic value. The sunroom is fully customizable to the homeowner’s wishes and budget.

Why Columbus, OH Homeowners Love 3 Season Sunrooms

Homeowners in Columbus, OH, flock to the 3 season sunroom as an affordable way to increase square footage without extensive construction or disruption to daily living. Sunrooms are easily and quickly installed, and thanks to their customizability, they’re not difficult to achieve a cohesive look with – even on older properties and homes.

Columbus homeowners also enjoy 3 season sunrooms because of their ability to extend their outdoor enjoyment time. As the weather generally turns chilly starting in early October, many Ohio residents are forced indoors six or even more months out of the year. A 3 season sunroom can extend this time by two or three months in many cases.

Experience the 3 Season Sunroom for Yourself

Are you interested in what a 3 season sunroom can do for your home or property? Then visit our Columbus, OH, showroom today. See one of our sunrooms for yourself, discuss your goals and budget with one of our experienced designers, or just browse our 1900 square feet of home remodeling inspiration. Can’t wait that long? View our extensive sunrooms and patios portfolio now to learn more.

4 Tips for Finding a Kitchen Renovation Contractor (You’ll Need #4)

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Choosing the right kitchen renovation contractor is key to your project’s success. For one, it ensures your project is done properly, safely and in an aesthetically pleasing way. This is vital if you want your project to boost your home’s value and deliver a return on your investment down the line.

Are you on the hunt for a kitchen renovation contractor? Here’s what you should know as you go about your search:

  1. Experience is priority No. 1. – Kitchen remodeling requires experience with a whole slew of contracting areas. There’s plumbing and electrical work, design, cabinetry and so many other facets that go into the project. Make sure you choose someone who has experience with it all – and beyond.
  2. Local is better – Home remodeling trends vary from city to city and state to state. To ensure your kitchen renovations are on par with what buyers in your area are looking for, you’ll want to use a contractor who’s intimately familiar with your market.
  3. Always evaluate the portfolio and testimonials – A kitchen remodeling contractor is only as good as their portfolio – and the past customers in there. Head to their website to review past work, and check out sites like Yelp, the Better Business Bureau and Home Advisor for honest feedback from other customers.
  4. Be clear about timelines and budget up front – Not every contractor will have the same availability or materials as the next, so make sure you’re clear about your deadlines and budgetary limits from the get-go. Before you get too far in vetting a potential contractor, make sure they’re able to help you achieve your goals first.

Need a kitchen renovation contractor for your home project? Stop by our showroom in Columbus, OH for more tips and inspiration. We boast more than 40 years in the business, and we’re here to help.

4 Home Upgrades with the Best Return (2018)

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The best home upgrades are ones that not only improve the aesthetics of your home but the value of it, too. Unfortunately, not all renovations are created equal in this regard.

Not sure which remodeling efforts you should take on for your home in Columbus, OH? Want to make sure you pick projects that will deliver a solid return when it comes time to sell?

Here are the best home upgrades to focus on:

  1. Kitchen remodels – According to Remodeling magazine, kitchen remodels deliver one of the biggest ROIs around. They don’t have to include huge upgrades, either. Refacing your existing cabinets, replacing outdated countertops or even just upgrading the appliances can make a big impression.
  2. Bathroom remodels – Bathroom remodels are also highly lucrative. Some of the higher impact projects you can take on? New showers, new tubs and upgraded hardware and fixtures are some of the best. You can even add built-in storage nooks and seating into your shower, upping its value even further.
  3. New windows – After about 10 years, windows start to loosen, and they don’t keep air out or in like they used to. That means high electric bills and more energy used – both of which are turn-offs to a potential buyer. Replacing your windows can lower your utility costs and make your home more marketable in the long run.
  4. All season sunrooms – Want to more space in your home? Access to the great outdoors even when the weather’s, well, not so great? All season sunrooms can help. They expand the usable square footage of your home and its value all in one fell swoop.

The best way to ensure you’re picking the best home upgrades for long-term ROI is to enlist the help of a professional remodeler. Contact JSB Home Solutions today for a free consultation, and we’ll help you hone in on the right projects for your specific property and goals.

Shower Remodels: 5 Must Know Tips for Hiring a Bathroom Contractor

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Shower remodels can be a game changer, turning your outdated, cramped bathroom into a true, relaxing respite. But at the same time, if you’re not careful which bathroom contractor you hire, you could find quite the opposite is true.

Delayed schedules, huge messes and work that’s just not up to par only add frustration to your life – and could even hurt the value of your home in the long run.

Are you considering a shower remodel for your bathroom? Here’s what you should do first – before hiring the bathroom contractor to handle it:

  1. Have a budget. You should always go into shower remodels with a set monetary budget in mind – long before even starting the search for contractors. Have a good idea of what you can afford to spend, and know that at least 10 to 15 percent of that should be a cushion. You never know what your bathroom contractor will find when the tear out that old shower and get to work. Rotten wood, moldy paneling and more can all require more work – and subsequently more cash.
  2. Know what you want – and what you don’t want. Flipping through design magazines is a good way to get inspiration, but you should also know what you want from a functional standpoint, too. Do you want something low maintenance or are you OK with cleaning and scrubbing tile week after week? Do you need a shower with built-in storage areas or is the floor or a hanging shelf going to suffice? Do you want somewhere to hang your towel or two shower heads to speed up your mornings? Make an exhaustive list of all your must-haves – as well as the things you don’t want. This will help your contractor hone in on the right design and scope.
  3. Do your research. Just because your friend’s a handyman or your neighbor has recommended a contractor doesn’t mean you have to use them. Do yourself a favor, and consider all your options before hiring your bathroom contractor. Look at several local remodeling firms, check out Yelp reviews and head to their websites to learn about their experience. If you want your shower remodel to improve your home’s value as well as its aesthetic, choosing the right contractor is key.
  4. Vet your contractor. Once you’ve honed in on a contractor, schedule an in-person consultation to really get to know them. Do they have experience both in a design and building? Do they have a showroom where you can check out materials and selections in person? What are their reviews and testimonials like? You should also ask to meet the exact contractor you’ll be working with to make sure you jive. After all, they’ll be in your home for quite a bit of time; you want to ensure they’re trustworthy, honest and will mesh well with your family and household.
  5. Get a contract – and a written quote. A contract can protect both you and the contractor, so always make sure to get one before work begins. It should include a quote for what your shower remodel will cost, a projected timeline and some sort of warranty or guarantee on the work. It should also spell out payment deadlines and methods, and stipulate any other details of the project.

When it comes to shower remodels, your bathroom contractor can make or break you. Choose the right one – one who’s experienced, trustworthy and well-reviewed – and you’ll have a beautiful, value-adding project on your hands. Hire the first one you meet without any further questions or research, and you may as well forget the remodel altogether!

Want to make sure your remodel goes off without a hitch? Then contact JSB Home Solutions. We’ve been handling Columbus, Ohio shower remodels for 40 years, and we can help you, too. Stop by our 1,900-square foot showroom or call us today for a consultation.

Where to Get Kitchen Cabinets in Columbus, Ohio

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The best place to get kitchen cabinets in Columbus, Ohio? That’d be right here at the JSB Home Solutions showroom. A 1,900-square foot playground of the kitchen, bath, interior, exterior and even patio elements, we have one of the biggest stores of cabinetry in the area. With every style, material, and layout on the books, there’s something for virtually every budget and taste here in our showroom.

An Added Bonus

But the best part of our showroom isn’t our thousands of square feet or our hundreds of options. It’s that we don’t just sell you your cabinets; we can also install them.

Here at JSB Home Solutions, kitchens are our specialty. Not only will we help you pick out the best cabinetry options for your budget and kitchen design goals, but we can install them for you, too. Our experienced contractors can work with your timetable and deadlines to deliver your new cabinets, install them, finish them, paint them, and any other task you have in mind.

If you’re unsure what your ideal kitchen looks like, we also have designers on staff who can help you flesh out your ideas or point you toward the latest trends in home design.

Other Cabinet Options

If brand new kitchen cabinets are out of your price range or you’re looking for a simple, fast, yet effective facelift of your existing ones, our SmartKitchen methods can help. We’ll use real, hardwood, to re-face your kitchen’s current cabinetry, giving them an entirely new look and feel. The entire process is quick, easy and painless, and it can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in labor and materials.

Looking for Kitchen Cabinets in Columbus, Ohio?

Whether you’re looking for completely new cabinets or just a way to update your old ones, JSB Home Solutions is your answer. Stop by our showroom on Route 33 today, or call us to schedule a free consultation now.

Who Should You Call When You Need an Awnings Installation? Easy, JSB

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An awning can be a game-changer for your outdoor space. Not only can it protect you and your loved ones from the harmful rays of the hot, summer sun, but it can also add extra comfort, flexibility and aesthetic appeal to your home.

But installing awnings is no easy feat, and it’s not something you should DIY or try to hack on your own – no matter how badly you may want to. When it comes to awning installation, that’s one job better left to the pros.

Here at JSB Home Solutions, we offer full-service retractable awning installation that includes:

  • Customized cut and design to fit your home’s aesthetic and patio layout
  • Strong, weather-resident canvas fabrics in your ideal style
  • Automatic weather detection system controls (optional)
  • Motorized controls and a wireless remote
  • A sturdy sandstone or earth stone frame
  • Teflon coated bushings to ensure quiet operation
  • A 12-year fabric warranty and five-year motor warranty

Best of all? The awnings installation basically pays for itself. Thanks to the awning’s ability to reduce sun exposure on your patio, windows and loved ones, it drastically reduces the need for costly air conditioning, meaning lower energy bills – and lots of savings – over time. Its added aesthetic beauty and functionality can also improve your home’s value, make it easier to sell your property at a higher price when the time comes.

Need Expert Awnings Installation?

Do you want to enjoy all the benefits that an outdoor awning has to offer you? Don’t try and DIY it. Let our awnings installation services help. With a custom-fit cut, design, and fabric, plus our hands-on expertise, we can ensure your awning delivers a guaranteed ROI for you and all your household members.

Are you ready to learn more? Get in touch with JSB Home Solutions today to schedule a free consultation.

3 Things You Must Know About Home Improvement in Columbus, Ohio

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If you’re thinking about undergoing a little home improvement in Columbus, Ohio, there are a few things you should know first – at least if you want the project done right and per the letter of the law.

Want to make sure your improvement projects are on point? Here’s what you should keep in mind:

Many projects need a permit. Few homeowners know this, but a lot of home improvement projects and renovations require a permit from the city before you can execute them. They may even need to be inspected by a city building inspector once complete. Failing to comply with these requirements may put you in violation of local building code or may even be illegal. (We can let you know if your project needs a permit and handle the process if it does!)

There are lots of contractors to choose from – but not all are created equal. Columbus is a pretty big city, and as such, there are tons of contractors, handymen and renovation firms to choose from. But are they all on equal footing? Definitely not. Sure, some offer lower prices, but you can bet they also come with less experience and expertise. Make sure to vet any contractor you use carefully, and always check past customer reviews before hiring.

Outdoor projects are some of the hottest ones in the area. It might seem crazy given our six months of chilly weather, but many Columbus residents choose to focus on their outdoor areas when doing renovations. They add patios, decks and new entryway doors. They install awnings and build outdoor entertaining areas. Many even add sunrooms so they can enjoy their surroundings year-round.

If you’re looking for someone to help with home improvement in Columbus, Ohio, look no further than JSB Home Solutions. Not only area we experienced and seasoned in our industry, but we’ve even been named one of the city’s top businesses! Check out our reviews or get in touch to set up a free consultation.

All You Need to Know About Sunrooms and Patios

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All You Need to Know About Sunrooms and Patios

Sunrooms and patios can have serious benefits for your home – and all who live in it. Not only can they add space and room to grow, but they also boost your property value and give you more enjoyment out of your home in the long run.

Are you considering adding a sunroom or patio to your home? Here’s all you need to know about these home additions:

They add value to your property. Sunrooms and patios can add immense value to your property. When it comes time to sell you may be able to ask for tens of thousands more all thanks to the addition. They can also make marketing your property easier as well.

They’re great for kids and pets. Patio and sunroom additions are ideal spots for playrooms, game rooms or areas for pets and furry friends. You can even opt for enclosed patios or all season sunrooms so you can enjoy the spaces year round.

They’re more affordable than you think. Many homeowners think adding a patio or sunroom is going to break the bank. In reality, the cost of these additions pales in comparison to adding another bedroom, a second floor or a garage apartment. They’re great ways to add space without digging too deep into your pocketbooks.

They’re multi-purpose and flexible. There’s no limit to what you can do with a patio or sunroom. Use it for entertaining space, consider it your personal study or library, or turn it into a man cave or craft room. The options are endless.

Are you thinking about adding a sunroom or patio to your place? Then contact JSB Home Solutions today. We’re experts in sunrooms and patios, and we can help you design the perfect project for your needs and budget. Stop by our showroom now for inspiration.

5 Trends You Need to Know About Bathroom Retrofit

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5 Trends You Need to Know About Bathroom Retrofit

Redoing your bathroom doesn’t have to mean a ground-up, complete overhaul. In many cases, a simple bathroom retrofit project can have just as big an impact for only a fraction of the cost. By replacing a few elements and leaving your existing space as-is, you can deliver high-impact with little hassle and investment.

Are you considering a bathroom retrofit for your home? Here are some trends you might want to consider:

Metal hardware and fixtures are all the rage. Brass, nickel and other metal flairs are on-trend this year, so consider retrofitting your room with metallic handles, drawer pulls, door knobs, faucets and other fixtures. Check out our 1,900 square foot showroom for inspiration.

Marble is out, and quartz is in. Marble had its day, but quartz is all the rage. Just as beautiful but more durable and longer lasting, it’s a great way to add value and pizzazz to your existing bathroom space.

Adding shower seating and storage is a must. Stand-up showers are still hot, but adding benches and other convenient seating areas? That’s even hotter. So are storage nooks and crannies that make stowing away shampoo, soap and other toiletries a breeze.

Custom vanities go a long way. Sometimes, all you need is a new vanity area to completely change up your room. Go for a his-and-hers look to give both you and your spouse personal space, or consider a more compact model that gives you more real estate to move around in.

Smaller, space-saving tubs are a hot commodity. Gone are the days of the huge, space-eating Jacuzzi tubs. Today’s homeowners want smaller, vintage-inspired freestanding tubs and bathing areas. An added bonus? They save you on the water bill, too.

Are you thinking of a bathroom retrofit project for your home? Contact JSB Home Solutions. Our designers can help you plan the retrofit that’s perfect for your budget and needs.

Where to Find a Retractable Deck Awning? JSB Can Help

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Where to Find a Retractable Deck Awning? JSB Can Help

If you’ve got a patio, deck or another outdoor area you like to enjoy, then a retractable deck awning is an absolute must. Not only does it shade you and your guests from potentially dangerous and skin cancer-causing UV rays, but it also makes entertaining, dining and just enjoying the great outdoors easier and more comfortable. Retractable deck awnings can also add to the aesthetic appeal of your home, making it easier to market and even attract buyers when it comes time to sell.

Are you on the market for a retractable deck awning for your home. Here’s what you should look for:

A reputable manufacturer. You don’t want to buy just any old awning. For one, it needs to stand up to the elements. We get a lot of snow, wind, and rain here in Ohio, and if you want your awning investment to last, it needs to be durable and of the highest quality. Make sure you’re buying from a reputable, well-known manufacturer to ensure your awning lasts you as long as possible. Our favorite brand is Betterliving.

An experienced, knowledgeable installer. Don’t hire a random contractor or handyman to install your awning. Instead, look for a knowledgeable firm that’s had years of hands-on experience installing the exact type of awning you’ve chosen. For the safety of your loved ones and guests, you want your awning installed properly and securely every step of the way.

Value-added products and services. Consider buying your awning from a firm that can give you value-added services and products along the way. A contractor that can also install remote controls, update your windows or doors or even include a warranty is a great way to get more out of your awning over the years.

Do you want a retractable deck awning for your outdoor entertaining areas? Then stop by the JSB Home Solutions showroom today. We’ll help you find the ideal awning for your space and budget.

Why Do You Need an All Season Sunroom?

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Why Do You Need an All Season Sunroom?

There are few better home additions than the all season sunroom. Versatile, beautiful and, in the grand scheme of things, an affordable way to update a property, all season sunrooms work for all styles, budgets, and locales.

Can’t decide if your property needs an all season sunroom? Here are four reasons it does – and soon:

  1. So you can enjoy the great outdoors – no matter what the weather’s like. Let’s face it. Ohio is cold much of the year. It keeps us from enjoying our gardens, spending time with our pets and just getting some good old Vitamin D. With an all season sunroom, the outdoors are no longer off-limits. No matter what time of year it is or what the thermostat reads, your sunrooms lets you enjoy your surroundings comfortably and conveniently 24-7.
  2. To add space and room to grow. Having a baby? Letting your mother-in-law move in? Just want somewhere to store your seasonal décor or for your pets to roam free? An all-season sunroom is a highly versatile and flexible space you can use for all sorts of purposes. Best of all, it gives you more square footage to utilize however and whenever you like.
  3. To boost your home’s value and aesthetic appeal. Sunrooms add about $34,000 to the value of your home, meaning you can list it for a higher selling price once you’re ready to move properties. It can also add to the aesthetics and curb appeal of your home, making it easier to market and attract buyers as well.
  4. So you can enjoy some tranquil peace and quiet. Need somewhere to drink your morning coffee in silence? Want somewhere to wind down and read after a long day at work? Need a space to study or grade papers? Sunrooms are the ideal spot for some “me” time.

Are you considering an all season sunroom? Then contact JSB Home Solutions today. We’ll help you decide on the right sunroom style, design, and scope of your property.

5 Most Basic Home Improvement Ideas

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5 Basic Home Improvement Ideas

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to improve your home’s value or aesthetic. In fact, even the most basic home improvement ideas can have a serious impact on your property.

Do you want to boost your home’s value or change up its look without too much expense or hassle? These five home improvement ideas are the key:

Re-face your cabinets. No, don’t replace them, relocate them or completely refinish them. Simply re-face them with new, quality hardwood, and let the materials do the work for you. This cuts down on cost and construction time, while still delivering high-impact results.

Update your front door. Your entryway plays the biggest role in your home’s curb appeal. Want to change that up? Swap out your door, repaint it, add decorative glass or install a storm door. Sometimes, even the simplest update to your entry can make a serious splash.

Replace your windows. Over the years, your windows start to loosen in their frames, and it can make it harder (and more expensive) to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Want a more efficient property and lower energy bills? Upgrade your windows to newer models. You’ll notice the difference immediately.

Add a sunroom. Forget avoiding the outside for six cold months out of the year. Add a four-season sunroom, and enjoy the great outdoors anytime you like. Sunrooms are also great for adding space (or even just storage room) for your growing family.

Change up your fixtures. Give your bathroom, kitchen or even just entry areas a facelift by installing new fixtures and hardware. Try brass or nickel drawer pulls, handles, door knobs, towel racks or even just new locks. The impact is instant.

Upgrading your home doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg – nor does it need to take months of time and hassle. Want more easy and affordable home improvement ideas? Contact JSB Home Solutions now. Smart, efficient remodeling is our specialty.

Get the Best Kitchen Remodeling in Columbus, Ohio

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Get the Best Kitchen Remodeling in Columbus, Ohio

When it comes to kitchen remodeling in Columbus, Ohio, there are a number of vendors you can choose from. Are they all created equal? Will they all offer the same quality, services or prices? Are they all the best fit for your specific job? Definitely not.

If you want to be sure you’re picking the absolute best vendor for your remodeling job, here’s how to do it:

Look for experience. First off, you want a remodeler who’s been around the block a few times. A new-to-market firm might offer you bargain-basement prices, but you know what? You’ll get bargain-looking handiwork as well. Your remodel should be an investment in your home’s long-term aesthetic and value. Cutting corners with an inexperienced firm can only hurt your property in the end.

Pay attention to portfolios. Pore over the portfolios of any remodeler you’re considering. If they’re worth their weight, they’ll be proud to show off the previous projects they’ve worked on and completed. If they don’t have photos of past work, consider it a red flag. They either don’t have experience or they’re not excited to show off their work. Either way, it’s a bad sign.

Check out reviews. There are few better indicators of a great remodeler than stellar, past customer reviews. Check out Yelp, the Better Business Bureau and even Google for what locals are saying about contractors in your areas. Which have the best ratings? Which ones have repeat customers and homeowners willing to show off their home’s new look? Those are all signs of a great remodeler.

Stop by their showroom. Be wary of any remodeler that doesn’t have a physical location where you can meet the team or check out their work/materials in person. Any decent remodeler knows they’re only as good as their handiwork, and they should be more than happy to have you stop in and see it all for yourself.

Are you looking for kitchen remodeling in Columbus, Ohio? Then stop by the JSB Home Solutions showroom today. Meet the team, discuss your project and explore 1,900 square feet of products and materials perfect for your property.

Get the Best Bathroom Remodeling Service Out There. Sign Up with JSB!

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We know you have plenty of contractors and builders to choose from. And some of them may even have lots of experience, accolades or awards. But are they the best bathroom remodeling service Ohio has to offer? Probably not.

And here’s why:

  • They don’t work with you financially. Most bathroom remodelers require a huge chunk of change up front, and they’re not flexible on deadlines or payment structures. At JSB, we offer easy financing and payment plans that make your project not only affordable, but manageable too. We even offer no interest for up to two years!
  • They don’t use our SMART methods. We’ve designed a special system just to save you cash and time. Dubbed the SMART remodeling method (Saving Money And Remodeling Time), our system gives you the most affordable, beautiful and efficient project from start to finish.
  • They try to reinvent the wheel. We don’t believe in replacing something that’s not broken, so we won’t try to force you into that. On most projects, we are able to simply resurface existing cabinetry and countertops, making for a more affordable, faster remodel on the whole.
  • They don’t let you see and feel your project first. We want to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your design well before we send contractors to get started. So we’ll create 3D models, drawings and mock-ups of your new space, and we’ll even take you through our showroom to see your new fixtures and design elements in person. Look everything offer, give us your feedback, and we’ll make changes long before the build begins.

Are you looking for the best bathroom remodeling service in the Columbus area? Then look no further than JSB Home Solutions. Contact us today, and one of our designers will get started on your custom-fit design right away.

4 Tactics for a Bath and Shower Remodel

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A bath and shower remodel is one of the best projects you can undertake as a homeowner. After all, the bathroom is arguably the most-used area of your home. You spend time there every morning, every evening, and probably plenty of time in between. Aside from the value a remodel would add to your home, it would also likely improve your bathroom experience, too – either aesthetically or by adding more comfort and convenience.

Want your bath and shower remodel to go off without a hitch? Here are some tips to help:

Do one at a time.

You don’t want both your shower and tub out of commission all at once! Do your most-used area first, and then move on to the other areas once that’s done.

Go for maximum comfort.

Install seating. Add an extra-large shower head. Have surround sound installed, so you can listen to your favorite tunes. Your shower should be the most relaxing part of your day, so go all out.

Think convenience.

Tired of tripping over shampoo bottles? Install storage alcoves in your new shower. Need somewhere to hang your towels? Work that into your new design, too. Make your bathing experience as convenient and easy as possible.

Consider energy usage.

Your bath and shower remodel will likely improve your property value, but if it adds hundreds of dollars in electricity and water costs every month, is it really worth it? Make sure to consider efficiency and energy usage when designing your remodel, and think about using eco-friendly fixtures and appliances where possible.

Get Help with Your Bath & Shower Remodel

Are you considering a bath and shower remodel? Then contact JSB Home Solutions today. Our designers can create a customized remodeling plan to fit your goals, preferences and budget. Get in touch now to get started.

5 Sunroom Design Ideas for Spring 2018

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There’s no better way to ring in the spring than with a brand new sunroom. Bright, spacious and the perfect place to watch the flowers bloom, sunrooms are as relaxing as they are useful. They can also boost your property value and make enjoying the great outdoors easy and comfortable – no matter what time of year it is.

Think a sunroom could be right for your property? Here are a few of our favorite sunroom design ideas to inspire you:

  • Four-season sunrooms – Designed for year-round use regardless of weather or temperature, four-season sunrooms are great for Ohio homeowners who loathe the long winter months.
  • Three-season sunrooms – These sunrooms let you make the best use of Ohio’s sunnier months, soaking in all the light and warmth during spring, summer and fall. During the winter, use them for storage or as a great place to hideaway holiday gifts and décor.
  • Screen rooms – Screen rooms are designed to give you maximum outdoor visibility. With see-through screens, they let you enjoy the outside breeze, without exposing you to bugs or flying debris. They’re ideal for months when weather is temperate.
  • Retractable awnings and canopies – If you’re not up for a full-scale sunroom, retractable awnings and canopies can turn your existing deck or patio into a relaxing, sunny respite instead. They’re easy to install and highly affordable.
  • Pergolas – While not a sunroom per se, pergolas are a great way to get some more enjoyment out of your outdoor spaces. A simple, wood covering, they’re ideal for shading hot tubs, decks, patios or outdoor dining areas.

The best type of sunroom depends on your goals, your home’s location, your budget and many other factors. Want sunroom design ideas customized to your home and budget? Contact JSB Home Solutions today, and our designers can create a custom-fit sunroom just for you.

3 Delighted Reviews for Kitchen Remodeling in Columbus

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The proof, they say, is in the pudding. And our pudding? Well, it says a lot about what we have to offer Columbus-area homeowners. Just take a look at what a few of our past customers said about us on video, about our sunrooms and kitchen remodeling in Columbus:

Kevin Herndon and his wife actually used JSB Home Solutions for two different rooms – their sunroom and their kitchen remodel. Once the sunroom was complete, Kevin said using JSB again was an easy choice. “They didn’t have any faults. They impressed me with our sunroom so we wanted somebody we could trust.”

After his kitchen remodel wrapped up, he was yet again another satisfied customer. “My wife was so happy,” he said. “I think she showed everyone in town. It’s her dream kitchen, she calls it. We have cabinets that we’re still looking for stuff to put into. She’s never had this much cabinet space. It’s really been an experience. I really couldn’t ask for anything more. They went the extra mile for me on anything we asked. They were here on time. They were prompt. They knew exactly what to do. It was like they rehearsed it for years.”

Robin and Dennis also asked JSB to remodel their kitchen. “We couldn’t be happier. We had a kitchen-warming. Everyone had been following the kitchen on Facebook. They wanted to see the final product and they loved it. I contacted six contractors. One was too expensive, two never showed up, and out of the other three, there was only one that included everything we wanted done in the bid. It got down quicker than we expected. Everything was so organized.”

Another customer, Rick Deibel, was also happy with the speed of JSB’s crews. “They came out and worked around our timeline. There were no high-pressure sales or anything like that. The crew that came out was exceptionally nice – a good crew that knew what they were doing. They started when they said they would and finished when they said they would.”

Need Kitchen Remodeling in Columbus?

If you’re looking for kitchen remodeling in Columbus, call JSB Home Solutions. We’ll make sure your as satisfied as these past customers were – guaranteed.

4 Smart Strategies for a Simple Bathroom Remodel

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Naturally, you want a quick and simple bathroom remodelone that won’t take too long, cost too much or wreak too much havoc on your home in the process. We get it – and we’ve delivered just that to hundreds of Columbus-area homeowners over the past four decades.

Want a smart, simple bathroom remodel, too? Here’s how to do it:

Know your problems.

Before starting your remodel, outline the problems you’re trying to solve. Not enough storage space? Outdated flooring or fixtures? Need a roomier shower? This will help you hone in on the best projects to tackle during your remodel.

Go eco-friendly where possible.

Not only will this help you save on water, electricity and energy bills, but it will make your home more marketable when it’s time to sell. It can also lower your home’s overall impact on the environment (and who doesn’t want to help save the world?)

Use a pro.

There’s a time and place for DIY-ing, but a full-scale bathroom remodel is not one of them. Bathrooms play an important role in your home, and risking them to shoddy workmanship isn’t a great idea – for your family or for your property value. DIY-ing your remodel will also add weeks or even months to your project time. Can you really afford to have your restroom out of commission that long?

Get a visual of your remodel first.

Always see your chosen fixtures, cabinets and other upgrades before they’re installed, and ask your designer for a mock-up of what your remodeled space will look like. This will give you time to make changes and improvements long before contractors show up at your door.

If you want a simple bathroom remodel, look no further than JSB Home Solutions. Our SMART remodeling methods can shave both time and money off your project, and give your space the transformation it deserves. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with a designer.