From the end of Friday’s workday to that Monday morning 6 o’clock alarm is a mere 61 hours. For the do-it-yourselfer, the question arises: Can I DIY a bathroom remodel, and can it be done in a weekend? 

(Nearly) Effortless

Cosmetic changes can help make over a bathroom. You could start with these steps and decide if you want to do more, or you could make these the final flourishes for a more extensive remodeling project:

  • Remove clutter — Keep the sink and toilet tank clean and clear
  • Clean out the medicine cabinet — Rid yourself of outdated medicines, unused hotel samples, and unwanted gadgets
  • Banish reading material — It’s not a college dorm
  • Invest in fresh soft goods — Why save the best for guests? Pamper yourself with new, bright bath towels, rugs, guest towels, and a bathmat 
  • Switch out the shower curtain — Consider a fabric curtain with a separate liner
  • Thoroughly clean every surface — Try using surface-specific cleaners to make chrome sparkle and tile glisten

Quick Fixes

Some DIY parts of a bathroom remodel take just a bit of cash and a minimum of time. Think of it as being SMART — Saving Money And Remodeling Time — by choosing visually appealing, low-cost transformations. 

Fresh paint is a quick fix for a dull bathroom. The secret to repainting anything (bathroom walls, vanity, door) is to thoroughly prepare the surface before painting. 

Bathrooms are high humidity, heavy traffic areas. Purchase paint with frequent cleaning in mind: high-gloss enamel paint for trim and scrubbable semigloss paint for walls.  

Clean whatever you intend to paint with a solution of trisodium phosphate (TSP) and warm water. Let it dry. Inspect and brush the dry surface to ensure it is free of matter (hair, pet fur, dust) before painting. 

If you are painting a light tone over a dark tone, prime the surface first. If you use a water-based paint (latex, acrylic), then use an oil-based primer. If you use an oil-based paint, use a water-based primer. Paint under plenty of light. 

Another quick fix is to clean your tile and regrout it. The new, fresh grout makes the bathroom look crisp and fresh. 

A Bit Involved

Some bathroom remodeling tasks could take multiple weekends, no matter how SMART you are. Can your family be without a working bathroom over that time? Are your DIY skills equal to the task? Are you saving enough money to justify your time? 

One involved task is to replace existing medicine cabinets with more modern pieces, often incorporating lights. This may require some rewiring, a bit of carpentry, and careful planning. Avoid buying a new medicine cabinet which is substantially larger than an existing one unless you absolutely know the larger cabinet will fit. 

Replacing floor tile or the splashback around the sink is a bit of a chore, but with today’s materials, just about any amateur can produce a beautiful result. Most tile is now available in ready-to-apply sheets with everything measured and locked in place. Once down, you grout it, let it dry, and accept the applause. 

Repainting or refinishing a bathtub is another facelift some adventurous DIYers attempt. This is not for the novice, but many homeowners are justifiably proud of their tub facelift handiwork when finished.  

Hands Off!

Some bathroom remodeling jobs are simply not suitable for even the bravest amateur. Though rental companies are happy to rent you everything from tile saws to pipe cutters, most professional remodeling companies have far more extensive resources than the average homeowner. They own the right equipment, have the right people already in place, and know the right way to do every remodeling project. 

An ambitious remodeling project — your dream master bathroom, for example — deserves the talents and expertise of real professionals. New shower stall, new plumbing, new fixtures — these are big-league changes.

This is when SMART homeowners leave the job in the hands of experts. To save money and time, professional remodeling services are usually the best answer. 

Seek Professional Help

Many homeowners feel a bathroom remodel is too small a project for professional services. This is wrong, frankly, because only two areas of your home — your kitchen and bathrooms — combine the triple threat to your family’s mental and physical health:

  1. High usage
  2. High humidity and near-constant water usage
  3. High risk of germs

A professional remodeling company can suggest water-saving fixtures, show you options for showers and baths you may never have seen before, and install energy-saving lighting. 

From a small guest half-bath to an entire master suite, a good remodeling company can help you be SMART —  Saving Money And Remodeling Time — without greatly inconveniencing the family. Imagine a bathroom transformed and remodeled, not in a series of nerve-wracking weekends, but in just a few days! For a complete picture of the SMART bathroom remodeling process, please contact us at JSB Home Solutions today!