You spend a substantial part of each morning and evening in your bathroom. Why not make it an oasis from stress, a cradle of comfort, a paradigm of pampering? Consider these features in your new bathroom remodeling project.


While your bedroom may be where dreams are born, the bathroom is usually the first room in your home where you really start your day. When redesigning your bathroom, think of your dream design.

Does it include an invigorating space, features to stimulate your senses, or an efficiency which helps you get in, out, and ready to tackle your day? 

Or do you see your dream bathroom as a place of solitude and relaxation? Avoid having others dictate what you “should” want from your ideal, upscale bathroom makeover. Make it a space you will enjoy, since you spend many of your waking minutes in it several times a day. 

Simple Touches

Depending on your budget, you may consider a bathroom remodeling project in stages. Start with changes to easily swapped-out elements, like rugs, wall decor, and paint colors. Something as simple as changing the direction a bathroom door opens (left-hand versus right-hand) can transform the flow of a small space. 

This opening strategy capitalizes on the SMART way of thinking: Saving Money and Remodeling Time. After you have made a few changes and shaken up the cobwebs of your cranium, you may start to see your bathroom in a new light. Maybe more could be done!

Sophisticated Elegance

Sometimes the unseen or subdued design feature is the one which provides the greatest satisfaction. Do not ignore your senses of touch, smell, sight, and hearing when designing a bathroom for comfort.  

Radiant heated flooring so you never feel a chill leaving the tub or shower. Either electric or heated water heating underneath tile provides an energy-efficient, nearly effortless way to keep the bathroom warm, with no cold spots. Radiant floor heating means no other heating system is needed, clinging to floorboards or attached to walls. This enlarges the wall space. 

Radiant flooring can fit just about any floorplan, too, making it supremely flexible for bathrooms of any size or shape. In addition, radiant flooring can still incorporate carpeting, area rugs, and bathmats without worries about overheating. 

Aromatherapy (using essential oils and scents to help lift your spirits) can be incorporated into a luxury bathroom with permanent systems to direct pleasant scents into your shower or bath space. No need for burning candles and the risks they involve. Built-in systems can infuse mint, eucalyptus, evergreen, and lavender, among others, directly into the shower mist. 

Lighting in a bathroom need not be harsh and from only one direction. Comfortable lighting levels and colors can help waken you in the morning before work, then soothe you in the afternoons and evenings. A new trend is chromatherapy, or using colors of light to influence your emotions and moods. 

What about a complete audio system with surround-sound speakers in the bath? Get girded for the morning ahead with news, relax in the evening with instrumental melodies, or use sound to ensure complete privacy. 

Adding Value

You may be challenged on how to design a bathroom remodel within a budget. Remember to think SMART (Saving Money and Remodeling Time). Part of thinking strategically about a bathroom remodeling project is considering features which add value at resale time. Buyers are attracted by features like these:

  • A bidet
  • Separate shower and tub
  • Walk-in shower, or, even more sophisticated, a walk-through shower!
  • Private toilet separated from the rest of the bathroom
  • Showers with multiple heads and controls

Some features may be luxury items which are edging toward impractical. Still, these often help with home resale:

  • Carrara marble instead of human-made artificial stone
  • Jetted bathtub for two (Jacuzzi®)

Other features may be eminently practical for a particular category of homebuyer:

  • Safety features to protect against slips and falls, such as sturdy handrails in the shower, a walk-in bathtub, or rounded corners on vanities and walls
  • Universal design features for handicapped users
  • Child safety products such as anti-scald controls on showers and tubs, and electrical outlets above toddler reach


A truly sumptuous bath experience could include televisions, a chaise lounge, or even a fireplace. These may be slightly impractical flourishes, but they add comfort and value to your home. 

Other royal touches:

  • Heated towel racks (never emerge from a shower to pick up a cold towel again!)
  • Wall murals
  • Bar (with wine cooler, coffee maker, small refrigerator)

When dreaming of a complete bathroom remodel, take advantage of the experience and knowledge a local design expert can offer. At JSB Home Solutions we can take a problem space and make it a luxury getaway. We know how to design a bathroom remodel to fit your budget, tastes, and dreams. Contact our offices today.