If you had to live without a bedroom for a few weeks, you could manage.

Even kitchen remodeling can work if you set up a temporary, pared-down kitchen in the dining room for a week or so. But a bathroom remodeling job? That requires preparation.

Have a Budget

Arrange your financing and stick to a budget. The reason some of those home remodeling television shows lost viewers is because of exchanges like this:

  • Host: You planned to spend $11,000 but the final touches put the total bill at $67,000.
  • Gleeful homeowners: Yes, but the walk-in closet really does look great and you can never have too much Carrera marble and gold leaf.

You may want Carrera marble and gold leaf, but an honest budget and financing package may only allow for a few flourishes on a more modest foundation of tile and chrome.

Choose a Design

A bathroom is one of the most heavily used rooms in your home, with plumbing and electrical work throughout. It needs to work effortlessly, clean easily, and be constantly appealing to eyes, ears, and especially noses.

Choose a design and stick with it. Keep color schemes tight and focused, make great use of limited space, and avoid add-ism: “We’ll add this, and we can add this fixture, and we could add a washstand here …”

Keep surprises out of the contractor’s work plan and you will also keep your budget under control.

Unique Projects

While cost overruns can be toxic to your finances, time overruns are common and must be tolerated. Have a plan for adapting to unexpected delays in getting the new bathroom up and running. If you are suddenly down to only one working bathroom, brainstorm solutions the whole family can agree upon. Perhaps one of you could shower at the gym, or you could change your morning routines so someone showers at night instead.

Check out design inspiration on popular websites and in decorating magazines to find what you like, but in the end, your bathroom design must reflect your unique tastes and needs.

Have a clear plan for the timeline, a strong design for the look, and a realistic budget. You will be delighted with your bathroom remodeling project and happy with your contractor.

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