Shower remodels can be a game changer, turning your outdated, cramped bathroom into a true, relaxing respite. But at the same time, if you’re not careful which bathroom contractor you hire, you could find quite the opposite is true.

Delayed schedules, huge messes and work that’s just not up to par only add frustration to your life – and could even hurt the value of your home in the long run.

Are you considering a shower remodel for your bathroom? Here’s what you should do first – before hiring the bathroom contractor to handle it:

  1. Have a budget. You should always go into shower remodels with a set monetary budget in mind – long before even starting the search for contractors. Have a good idea of what you can afford to spend, and know that at least 10 to 15 percent of that should be a cushion. You never know what your bathroom contractor will find when the tear out that old shower and get to work. Rotten wood, moldy paneling and more can all require more work – and subsequently more cash.
  2. Know what you want – and what you don’t want. Flipping through design magazines is a good way to get inspiration, but you should also know what you want from a functional standpoint, too. Do you want something low maintenance or are you OK with cleaning and scrubbing tile week after week? Do you need a shower with built-in storage areas or is the floor or a hanging shelf going to suffice? Do you want somewhere to hang your towel or two shower heads to speed up your mornings? Make an exhaustive list of all your must-haves – as well as the things you don’t want. This will help your contractor hone in on the right design and scope.
  3. Do your research. Just because your friend’s a handyman or your neighbor has recommended a contractor doesn’t mean you have to use them. Do yourself a favor, and consider all your options before hiring your bathroom contractor. Look at several local remodeling firms, check out Yelp reviews and head to their websites to learn about their experience. If you want your shower remodel to improve your home’s value as well as its aesthetic, choosing the right contractor is key.
  4. Vet your contractor. Once you’ve honed in on a contractor, schedule an in-person consultation to really get to know them. Do they have experience both in a design and building? Do they have a showroom where you can check out materials and selections in person? What are their reviews and testimonials like? You should also ask to meet the exact contractor you’ll be working with to make sure you jive. After all, they’ll be in your home for quite a bit of time; you want to ensure they’re trustworthy, honest and will mesh well with your family and household.
  5. Get a contract – and a written quote. A contract can protect both you and the contractor, so always make sure to get one before work begins. It should include a quote for what your shower remodel will cost, a projected timeline and some sort of warranty or guarantee on the work. It should also spell out payment deadlines and methods, and stipulate any other details of the project.

When it comes to shower remodels, your bathroom contractor can make or break you. Choose the right one – one who’s experienced, trustworthy and well-reviewed – and you’ll have a beautiful, value-adding project on your hands. Hire the first one you meet without any further questions or research, and you may as well forget the remodel altogether!

Want to make sure your remodel goes off without a hitch? Then contact JSB Home Solutions. We’ve been handling Columbus, Ohio shower remodels for 40 years, and we can help you, too. Stop by our 1,900-square foot showroom or call us today for a consultation.