Solve Your Bathroom Remodeling Problems

A SmartBath remodel doesn’t cover up the problem… it’s the solution! It is remarkable how an updated and well-designed bathroom can transform the living experience of the entire home. Not only does bathroom remodeling add to your home’s value, but it adds so much more to your family’s quality of living.

Custom vanities, tub and shower replacement, custom tile with infinity glass shower doors, Eco-friendly commodes, elegant lighting and fixtures can thoroughly transform your old “ordinary” space into a place of beauty and tranquility for years to come.

Using only high-quality materials and trusted name brand fixtures, provided by Kohler, an exclusive partner with JSB Home Solutions. You owe it to yourself to discover the difference! Call today to request a FREE in-home consultation. Take the first step toward making your dream bathroom a reality… with SmartBath!

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What Is SMART Remodeling?

SMART refers to Saving Money and Remodeling Time. In an effort to save you time and money, we’ve invested a lot of research into the selections that you’ll need to make with your Bathroom remodel. Whether it’s flooring, countertops, grab bars, rain heads or custom Ohio-Amish made vanities, we can show you incredible options both at your house and at our state of the Art Design Center!

Smart Bathroom Features:
  • Updated vanities
  • Shower & Tub Replacement
  • KOLHER Bath Systems and Fixtures
  • Elegant Lighting
  • Water-saving toilets
  • And more
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Bathroom Upgrades We Offer

Here are just a few of the areas our bathroom contractors can focus on:


The right handles, knobs, faucets and spouts can make all the difference in bathroom remodeling. Choose from vintage-inspired fixtures for a classic aesthetic, or opt for brushed satin, rose gold or brass ones for a more contemporary look. And best of all? You can see it all in person – before your project even begins. Just stop by our 1,900 square foot showroom and browse our wide array of fixture for yourself.


Strategic lighting is key in bathroom design. Not only can it make your space look larger, more spacious and airier, but it can also offer added function by way of vanity lighting, tub lighting and more. From artfully places sconces and pendant lights to track lighting and mirror bulbs, the options for transforming your space through light are endless.


A vanity can add both fun and function to a space. Stunning countertops and shining mirrors make them a focal point in the room, while their cabinets, drawers and shelves offer plenty of room to store and display items of all kinds. Add seating and a comfortable pull-out chair, and you’ll never get ready anywhere else again.


No bathroom remodeling project is complete without an upgraded shower. Add in storage nooks and seating, install massaging shower heads or even add heating to the floor. Thanks to technology and expert design, showers can now be just as relaxing as baths – maybe even more so!


Whether you’re going for a modern vibe or a throwback one, remodeling your tub can help you make it happen. Opt for spacious Jacuzzi tub, minimalistic soaking tub or a throwback claw-footed one, and add the focal point your room needs to achieve your goals. We offer a wide variety of tub options in our showroom or are happy to install any style you see fit.


From quartz or granite to reclaimed wood and more, a carefully chosen countertop can transform your space – both in form and function. Choose from any number of materials, layouts, styles and designs, and add the perfect backsplash to really make an impact. Our designers can help you choose the best material for your needs and budget.


Bathroom floor options run the gamut. From classic tile or laminate to wood or even linoleum, the materials and styles out there are endless. Shop our showroom to find the perfect choice for your space, and let our bathroom contractors handle the rest.


Your cabinets should be a prime focus in your bathroom remodeling efforts. Their stain and style can set the tone for the entire room’s aesthetic, while their size and layout make a big impact on your storage options. We’ll work with you to create the best of both worlds – cabinetry that offers a creative storage solution while also enhancing your room’s look and feel at the same time.


Toilets might seem a basic component of your space, but they don’t have to be. Today’s toilets can offer much more than just a simple commode. Choose from ones that save water and energy, to ones fit for certain heights, weights or physical conditions. Toilets even come in a number of styles and designs, so you can add to your room’s aesthetic – not take away from it.

Bathroom remodeling can come in many forms. Choose to upgrade one or two areas of your space, or transform your entire room from top to bottom – the choice is yours. Get even more ideas about bathroom remodeling trends in our blog.

Our bathroom remodeling services can be a la carte or all inclusive. Get in touch with a JSB Home Solutions bathroom contractor today to discuss your needs at our Central Ohio home remodeling showroom located Southeast of Columbus in Canal Winchester.