Save 40-60% Over Traditional Remodeling Methods!

JSB Home Solutions has the Columbus kitchen remodeling solution to fit your needs. Our SmartKitchen is designed to add to your home’s value and increase the quality of your life by using quality materials to create quality aesthetics. You know “real” when you see and touch it. So do we. That’s why we only use quality materials such as real hardwood in our cabinet re-facing, solid granite and quartz countertops and ceramic tile backsplashes. Real materials that will be just as beautiful years from now as they were on Day 1. We don’t use laminates or veneers because a smart solution is always built to last.

We also don’t spend your hard-earned dollars replacing perfectly good cabinets or relocating sinks and gas lines. We maximize your investment by directing those dollars into things that create a gorgeous new look and feel, radically transforming old, dated kitchens into the showpiece of your home. Our experienced design and production team members will guide you through the “smart” process, from your initial design consultation through completion of the Columbus kitchen remodeling process, with unbeatable customer service and quality craftsmanship. Call for a design consultation for an exact price quote or simply to learn more about making your kitchen into a SmartKitchen.

What is “Cabinet Refacing”?

In most kitchens the cabinets themselves are perfectly fine and have a long life ahead of them. It’s the boring look that homeowners really want to replace. Cabinet re-facing is the smart alternative to complete replacement. But JSB Home Solutions goes a step further. While some companies will re-face with laminates or veneers that won’t stand the test of time, we precisely measure every exposed edge and corner of your existing cabinetry, then expertly cut and overlay 1/4 inch hardwood on every inch of exposed cabinet surface. We only need to replace the cabinet doors and drawer fronts from a wide selection of hardwood options, which minimizes cost and maximizes your kitchen’s new beauty.

What Is SMART?

SMART refers to Saving Money And Remodeling Time. In an effort to save you time and money, we’ve invested a lot of research into the selections that you’ll need to make to remodel you’re home. Whether it’s flooring, cabinetry, or countertops, we can give you incredible options without dragging you from one place to another to make the selections.

How are our kitchen cabinetry options different from the rest?

Whether you’re choosing a cabinet refacing product, or completely new cabinetry, here’s how our products will impress you compared to other products. When you decide to entrust your kitchen project to JSB Home Solutions, we will have our very talented Ohio Amish craftsmen take over the cabinetry process. The same Amish crew that comes to your home to measure your kitchen is the same crew that will manufacture the cabinets, then again come to your home to install the cabinets. It’s a process that has been satisfying our customers for years!

What does SmartKitchen cost?

Great question! We are straight shooters in everything we do, but honestly it would be impossible to quote or even ballpark a price without a design consultation (which we highly recommend) because:

  1. Kitchen remodels come in all shapes and sizes
  2. Homeowners’ tastes span the must-have spectrum.
  3. Everyone has their own definition of affordable.

We can say with confidence, however, that our SmartKitchen remodels are typically 40-60% less than the cost of a traditional remodel, bringing homeowners a lot closer to their dream a lot sooner than they thought was possible. Whether you’re working within a tight budget or the sky’s the limit, a design consultation with one of our experts will help you determine if your “someday” is finally today. We also offer financing to well-qualified buyers, bringing the dream even closer. So call today to schedule your design consultation and find out how close your dream already is.

Smart Kitchen Features:
  • 1/4 Inch Hardwood Re-facing NO laminates or veneers
  • Solid Granite & Quartz Countertops
  • Ceramic Tile Backsplashes
  • Pendant & Under-cabinet Lighting
  • Easy-close Doors and Drawers
  • Roll-out Shelves & Spice Drawers
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